European Contract Awarded

  • November 28th, 2011  

    Captured Carbon has been appointed as consultant to the Pan European Carbon project, “The Introduction of the Communal Zero CO2e Emissions Certificate System as a tool for sustainable communities and regions” or the ZECOS project.  This EU Project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the North West Europe Interreg (NWE Interreg) Programme.  Over the course of the next three and half years the project will develop a tool to certify Zero Carbon emissions for communities across North West Europe. Communities in Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Great Britain will be part of the project.  Captured Carbon will be tasked with developing methods for the ZECOS project to monetise carbon reductions”, Managing Director Duncan O’Toole said.

    “This is an enormous vote of confidence in our company, the lead Partner in this project, the IFAS institute in Germany, are world leaders in sustainable environmental practices with a significant focus on monetary incentives to change.  The fact that they approached us to join their application was a ringing endorsement in itself, but to successfully receive EU approval has been an enormous success for our company.  The climate change challenge can be best addressed by formulating a business argument to reducing emissions this is one of the defining elements of the ZECOS project”.