European GOs Trade

  • April 24th, 2012  

    Captured Carbon has successfully completed the first sale of European Guarantee of Origins in the Irish Market.  Ireland has no access to the electronic hub for energy certificates in Europe (AIB).  The only avenue to bring EU Guarantee of Origins into Ireland is through bilateral agreements with other EU states.  Captured Carbon has been actively engaging with Energy Regulators in multiple European states with a view to establishing processes to allow trade of GOs between Ireland and these states.   This saw the first importation of GOs into Ireland this month for inclusion in the 2011 Fuel Mix Disclosure.  It is anticipated that the company will continue to develop this area on behalf of suppliers and generators in Ireland and around Europe.  Speaking at the news of this latest success for the company, Managing Director Duncan O’Toole stated:

    “This development establishes the company in forefront of Ireland’s Guarantees of Origin trading landscape.  As Ireland is a relatively small player in the trade of GO’s it is essential that wider markets are accessible.  Captured Carbon took the view over 12 months ago that links had to be nurtured with the wider EU GOs family, as a result the company has established trade with a number of partners.  It has also developed strong relations with regulators in different EU states.  The company has positioned itself as a point of access to Ireland for many European generators of renewable energy.  This month saw the company put together deals with numerous Irish and European GOs on behalf of generators and suppliers”