Second Energy Premium Pool Closing Shortly

  • November 24th, 2010  

    Captured Carbon is at final contracts phase of its second Green Energy Premium Pool.  This pool builds on the success of the first pool which aggregated approx. 50 MW of energy and delivers a return of approx 8% premium to the SMP & Generator Capacity prices.  The organisation is already working on the third pool and aims to make an announcement on this pool quite soon.  If you are a Generator of Renewable Electicity and are not in any REFIT (or similar ) scheme at present then you are ideal candidates for this pool.

    Commenting on the Green Pool,  Captured Carbon Managing Director, Duncan O’Toole said ” We have developed a mechanism to create a carbon premium for Renewable Energy, this is a new mechanism which we have road tested with regulatory experts at the start of the year.  We then approached established energy supply companies and illustrated the proposed mechanism.  Once the suppliers where convinced we then approached specific generators and asked to trial the mechanism.  This was at no cost to the generators and all the administration was carried out be us largely.  These generators are now receiving a monthly premium payment that represents approx 8% or what they are already receiving through their SMP and Capacity payments”.

    The company is also looking at additional premiums for Green Energy and hopes to shortly broker the first Guarantee of Origin (GOO’s) deal in the state.