Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

CCL has over a decade of experience in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for clients in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. PPAs vary widely in their design and content. CCL meets with the client to ascertain their key requirements for the PPA, e.g. the term, the price, a floor, the bankability of the off-taker etc. If the client has a current PPA, CCL will provide the client with a critical review and illustrate what the off-taker receives in each agreement. The review will indicate what the generator should expect and how the generator can maximise its revenues. CCL will alert clients to contingencies that should be included in any agreement.

CCL regularly goes to the market with projects that require a PPA. We tender the opportunity and push for the best terms available. CCL has a large quantity of projects under management and has placed numerous PPAs, as a result it has strong relationships with all off-takers and this enables CCL to negotiate from a strong position on a client’s behalf.

The introduction of I-SEM will necessitate amendments for existing PPAs. CCL are aware of these changes and how they can impact on generators. CCL has been negotiating I-SEM PPAs for numerous wind farms in the lead up to I-SEM. There are a number of new arrangements to be aware of in I-SEM that can offer additional value and/or cost to projects. Generators need to be acutely aware of these changes to maximise revenues and minimise additional costs.

CCL also has established a supply company that maximises premiums to generators. This solution was established to pass on premiums to generators and is managed by CCL.

Wind farms already in PPAs can chose to continue to have their PPA with the incumbent off-taker and contract the additional I-SEM services and costs to CCL if this represents a reduced total cost to the generator.