Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

CCL manages some or all aspects of the market interaction on behalf of wind farms and/or their supply company. CCL removes the day to day administrative work necessary for the smooth operation of wind farms. This burden will significantly increase with I-SEM. CCL are highly experienced in providing the services required to enable generators to participate efficiently in this new electricity market.

In I-SEM, CCL will interface with the market operators across all markets on behalf of clients. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that clients are participating efficiently in the market and keeps clients updated with any impending market changes that may concern them. The following key areas will come under the scope of the SLA:

  • I-SEM Readiness and registration in the I-SEM Markets
  • Balancing market services, including the reconciling of payments to and from the client and interfacing with the market operator
  • Trading services across all markets, including reporting on the trading strategy performance
  • Forecasting of wind generation for the generator
  • Settlement and clearing via CCL’s clearing member for Day Ahead and Inter Day Markets and maintenance and monitoring collateral requirements for the client.

CCL SLAs are wide ranging and cover both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. SLAs cover Supplier Lite arrangements, REFIT wind farms and Merchant wind farms operating in ROI or NI. CCL SLAs range from providing complete operation of a windfarm services to providing general oversight where CCL will review and reconcile PPAs between clients and supply companies.