Greening of Energy

CCL is Irelands foremost trader in green certificates. It is also has significant expertise in the regulations surrounding Green Source Declarations and assists large and small suppliers in establishing robust processes in this highly regulated area.

CCL was the first market participant in Ireland to trade in Guarantees of Origin from outside of Ireland and as a result has strong trading relationships with renewable generators throughout Europe. This assists CCL in delivering cost competitive solutions to suppliers. CCL has extensive knowledge of the regulatory risks and requirements in the sourcing and delivering of green certificates. It has strict processes in place to mitigate trading risk and protect the client.

CCL offers advice and services in relation to declarations, procurement and the certification of Green Source electricity in Ireland. CCL was amongst the first in Ireland to have it’s staff trained in the ISO and GHG Protocol reporting standards. This allows CCL to procure certificates that meet various renewable reporting standards and it allows CCL to assist suppliers in meeting the strict protocols around these areas.

CCL provides Certificates of Renewable Source Electricity Supply. An automated online system can be established for suppliers by CCL where the issuance of such certificates is completed according to strict verification procedures.

CCL also advises revenue generating benefits that may be derived from these activities if relevant.