Collaborative Projects

CCL has provided consultancy services for numerous EU and Irish initiatives in the energy and carbon sector. Reports produced by CCL have been presented to government, EU and State Agencies as well as energy developers, investors and funders. Our emphasis is always on the revenue models that can be employed for projects that deliver both social and environmental benefits. Our core services are in the renewable energy sector however we also advise on carbon mitigation and energy efficiencies.

Renewable Projects

CCL can act on behalf of funders and/or developers of renewable projects in their early stage’s of planning of existing projects. CCL would typically compile a report on the expected revenue models of a project and back this up with market quotations and industry intelligence that will conservatively estimate expected revenues and advise on optimal structures to procure maximum revenues. CCL will go to the market and obtain comparative pricing and costings for projects. In cases of established projects CCL can advise on restructuring to reduce costs and increase revenues from the market interaction perspective.

Academic Projects

CCL has contributed regularly to academic led research on the impact of centralised environmental policies for the funding of carbon mitigating activities. This has been done in Ireland and EU wide. The main focus of CCL’s involvement is through research initiatives open to promoters and developing business models based on the information researched. Work ranges from zero carbon communities and urban sustainable community projects in conjunction with project partners in the EU and Ireland to high resolution generation metering to enable efficient grid balancing.